Friday, February 24, 2012


Yeah... I need... and I mean NEED to go to the commissary... you know you've been cooking for one a bit too long when this becomes an acceptable dinner:

Chef Boyardee. Ewwwww. How did I eat that? And, before you ask- no I did not buy it. My husband buys them for field training weeks, he says they taste better than MRE's. There are a few cans left in the pantry that he didn't use before he deployed. I was lazy, it was late, and this happened. Time to get my act together! Anyone have awesome one person recipes? I'd love to have some more go-to meals to choose from.



  1. Congratulations, you've reached the night of the "single girl meals!" =P Well, that's what I call them anyway. I can't tell you how many times I had mac & cheese for dinner while Joe was deployed. And I still do it sometimes when he's on overnight CQ or doing field training. It's a bad habit to get into, but I have a very hard time cooking for just one person. I did a LOT of Lean Cuisine meals... =)

  2. Cooking for one is no fun. Hope you can find some good one person recipes.

  3. You and me both :( I hate cooking for one. Dinners for me (for the past 8 months basically too) are usually ramen, a bagel with cream cheese or a bag salad.

    If I remember to eat dinner at all! Lunch is my big meal and maybe I will snack at night. I just do not have the motivation for it.

  4. Eating for one is not fun at all. I suggest preparing meals that you would normally cook for you when the hubby is home. Things like Lasagne or different types of soup can be portioned down and frozen. Then you can just pull out individual selections and have dinner. So much better than the BoyRdee! I feel for you, I never look forward to being stuck cooking for one. :)

  5. LOL at Sarah's comment!

    I stink at cooking for one also, but I would recommend Pinterest if you don't already have an account! You can find tons of modified recipes for one or two on there :)

    (WARNING: is a highly addictive, time stealing site)

  6. If you enjoy chinese food, I have several! I cooked for only me for a few years.

    1. I can't reply via e-mail to your comments (it's easy to set that up) so I hope you see this- yes please! Feel free to e-mail some my way =)

  7. Hah! Too funny. Last night I gave my husband chicken and refried beans but no chips or tortilla because we didnt have any! Time for a trip to the commissary :)


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