Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Lovin'

Check out this absolutely adorable keychain... can hold a chapstick, usb, or change (and I'm sure plenty of other small things I haven't thought of yet!). I won it a few weeks back in a blog giveaway from Katy over at "A Little Lesson." I really hope the military gets their act together so she can move out here soon! #1- I'd love to meet her. #2- we all know how much it sucks being in the "transition limbo."

ANYWAY... this lovely crafty lady is holding ANOTHER giveaway and while it's not required to blog about the giveaway, they are way too cute not to share. She has made hand knitted heart pouches, just in time for Valentine's Day! I know, I know... if you're like me, hubby is deployed. BUT sometimes you just need some cuteness in your life, plus you'd be getting 4 so you can SHARE the cuteness!

So, share the blog love... go enter her giveaway.


  1. btw check out the new post... you won! haha you've got all the luck!

    I'll email you for details!


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