Monday, January 30, 2012


Since getting back to the Land of Aloha, I've been doing things here and there around the house. I hung some frames starting a gallery wall going up the stairwell, I re-organized my living room, have been de-cluttering, and just finished planting this last night:

The tins I got on clearance after Christmas, and yes they each had tea in them, I simply ziplocked and labeled the tea so I could us the tins. I am excited and hope they continue to grow...basil, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, & parsley! I also hope I can control the ants that seem to sneak their way into that window... by the hundreds... *sigh* 

What is brightening your mood today?


  1. Oh my word, I love them!! We'll be moving from a big house back into an apartment this summer and I really want to have a little herb garden and a few veggie plants and that idea of planting in the tins is ADORABLE!

    I've been super MIA in the blog commenting world and trying to get back into it :) Go enter my giveaways lovely! It'd make my day!

  2. Love that! I am seriously challenged when it comes to growing plants. I want to but it just doesn't work out LOL

  3. Holy cute! What an amazing idea - enjoy being able to grow things there!!

  4. I use Terro liquid ant bait. it has done well for me.

    I searched for lights to grow some herbs since the sun is usually behind winter clouds here but the NEX does not sell them. :(

    I suppose I must envy you until spring!

  5. Awesome, love that! dang ants.. stay away!

  6. The plants look adorable in those tins! And best of all, they're growing really well! :)


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