Monday, January 2, 2012


So, I wasn't too thrilled about not having a good Monday:Pick-Me-Up for the very first Monday of 2012. I mean, I figured if I didn't start it off right, it just wouldn't be any fun! I know it's coming really late, but I am so glad my family headed up to the lake today, because boy do I have a treat for you...

Right now I bet you're thinking one of the following:
1- this is totally super-imposed
2- was someone actually that stupid?
3- this looks like some weird natural disaster movie

It is actually a boat-car... I believe the kind in the top black and white photo on this page.

This really does look like a scene out of a movie... I kept expecting JAWS to appear.

I know it's late, but feel free to join in the link-up if you wish... I will do better about posting them early so everyone can join in... making our Monday's a little brighter, happier, and lighter!

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  1. Ooo I didn't even know you had a link up. How did I miss that? I just came to comment on the ridiculous pictures. But, I think I'll stay to link. :)

    That is seriously freaking hilarious though! Oh my goodness. People have far too much time and money on their hands. With that said though... I want one! lol


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