Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Care Package

I totally forgot to share my first deployment (for my husband- I've sent them to my cousin & our friends) care package! I think I did pretty well...

All of the goodies I purchased (minus the hard candies I got later to fill the paper goody bags). Mini tree, mini ornaments, starburst candy canes, red/white garland, andes peppermint cruch and regular mints, mini stockings, nutella, small Christmas "magic" towels, snowman sign, and paper goody bags.

Right before I packed up the box and added my personal card for my hubby. I made a stocking for each guy in his team and put candy in the paper goody bags to be used as "presents" under the mini tree.

Finally, managed to fit it all in a medium sized flat rate box, which I wrapped the insides with fun penguin/snowman paper. I made sure to add Luke 2:11 so he would be reminded of the true reason for Christmas.

So, what's the verdict?


  1. Ahh super cute! If you ever need ideas about care packages ... after sending them to the hubs for a year and then his brother and my best friend I feel like an expert haha

  2. That is an adorable care package - so creative!!

  3. How perfect that you sent a mini tree!! I love it :) Great package!

  4. Love love love it, you are such a sweet wife.


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