Friday, January 20, 2012

Pray. Honor. Remember.

The media will keep showing you those Marines who were stupid and dishonorable. Over and over they will replay that terrible video. But when military spouses and children are at risk or when we lose six of our own... you have to search the internet or live in the direct community affected. The American people only see what the media allows them to see... *sigh*

Please stand with me in praying for the families and friends of the six Marines we lost out of Hawaii today... some of our friends are waiting to hear if one of the men lost is their neighbor. I can't imagine sitting in the kitchen with your close friend waiting to hear if her husband has been killed... what do you do? How do you approach that situation accurately, sensitively, correctly?

I thought I was ready to go back to Hawaii.
Now I will arrive just in time for every single funeral & memorial.
And you know what.
Even though I don't know any of them.
I just may go to each one.
Because these men deserve to be honored. remembered. loved.
Who cares how much I cry.
They are worth it.

*Edit: January 21st.
They have released the names...

Capt. Nathan R. McHone, 29, CH-53 pilot.
Capt. Daniel B. Bartle, 27, CH-53 pilot.
MSgt. Travis W. Riddick, 40, crew chief, survived by his wife and six children.
Cpl. Joseph D. Logan, 22, aerial observer, survived by his wife.
Cpl. Kevin J. Reinhard, 25, crew chief.
Cpl. Jesse W. Stites, 23, crew chief, survived by his wife.


  1. I have been praying for the families a lot lately. It is never easy getting that kind of news. Go to memorial services is the hardest thing I have done as military wife but I do so when I can. I want to show solidarity and tribute for those families. Safe travels back.

  2. I will pray for them!! When will you be back again? I can come over for support if you need!!!

  3. I never comment on posts like this because I find myself typing....erasing...repeat and then give up. My heart aches so desperately for these families. Praying for the families, but know it does not ease the pain in the slightest. Praying for you as well...I know it will not be an easy week to come back to.

  4. I so agree. Every time I hear of something like this, my first thought is, "I hope it's not one of my blog friends."

  5. I heard this and my stomach was in my throat. When they released the names I nearly started crying.

    ... survived by 6 children and wife...

    Ugh. If I was in HI any sooner I would go with you

  6. I just wrote a similar entry... I wish I had read yours first, I feel like it was more eloquent than mine! I'm praying for all six of them. I didn't even hear the story about the three planning to attack Quantico. This world scares me sometimes. RIP to those men and Semper Fi

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I remember seeing this on a friend's FB. Having come from Hawaii, it hit close to home. I am following you now. :)

  8. i will keep them in my thoughts and prayers!

  9. ohh man ... they're definitely in my T&P !!!

    PS ... if you'd like to participate .. I tagged you in a meme on my blog today....


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