Monday, January 16, 2012


So, just about everyone I know enjoys getting a good deal. I mean couponing went from being a money saver to a sport, then a straight up obsession! I am not a black friday shopper, a day after Christmas shopper, nor am I one that cuts coupons and buys only what I have coupons for. BUT, I do love a deal! I went to Michaels' (since we don't have them in Hawaii) with my mom and rummaged through the $1 bins. Cute notepads, stamps, sticker, mugs, candles, eeeeee! *Sidenote- I need another suitcase, or a box...a big box...* I had forgotten nail clippers and found a cute manicure set in the bottom of one of the $1 bins so I snatched it up.

While checking out I like to watch each item as it is rung up in case of mistake and especially when I'm purchasing items at certain percentages off. Well she got to the mini-manicure set and it rang up as: $.01 yes, you read that right. ONE CENT. I stopped her and asked "is that really a penny?" She looked, rang it up again and said, "evidently so!"

Need proof?

Deal of the year!

Have you gotten any great deals lately?


  1. Love Michaels and rummaging through the bins! How awesome is that.. one cent. luckyyy, always love a good deal!


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