Thursday, January 26, 2012

No wine for you... no liquor too...

Evidently alcohol was not in my immediate future last night... I wanted a glass of wine with my dinner. I tried over and over to get my wine opener to do it's job - OPEN my wine. Is that too much to ask? Yes... yes it is... take a look:

Then, to top it off as I was closing the {non-useful} opener, the corkscrew part snapped down on my pointer finger resulting in a pretty deep cut right next to the finger nail... I washed it, wrapped it in a paper towel until the bleeding slowed down, then neosporin and a band-aid were applied.

We have a bottle of cafe liquor from Mexico. So, I figured if I couldn't have wine... why not sip this? One problem... the bottle has never been opened. So I unwrapped the plastic and went to pull the cork out... the wood piece attached to the cork came off. No way I was going to try the wine opener again... so... if you're keeping score:

Wine opener - 2
Wine bottle - 1
Liquor bottle - 1
Skinnie - big fat zero

Ultimately, I drank water and after dinner ate some dark chocolate squares. So, I guess it wasn't a total loss. Right?


  1. It is my habit that when there is a reluctant cork or opener to simply push the cork in. One must be determined when doing this and nails must be short or an implement used.

    Oh... and keep a towel close by!

  2. If you got chocolate, it's definitely not a total loss!! Although I totally understand your wine opener issues. My mom got Joe and I an electric wine opener for Christmas a couple years about a lifesaver!!

  3. Lol I do the same! Push the cork in!!

  4. This cracks me up! I already emailed you my deep dark secret in my whole wine adventure the other night. ;)

  5. This is hilarious, I have told Mr Soldier I need a fancy wine bottle opener because I battle with mine all too often and by the time of day that I am ready for wine a battle is not what I am looking for!

  6. Hahaha oh no!! This is not good. But, I think chocolate more than makes up for it. I had to buy a new wine opener recently because I was tired of this happening.

  7. Oh No!!! I don't drink wine, but I definitely would have just pushed the cork in. When I worked in restaurants, that's what we would do. I hope you had a better day today!


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