Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3am & Dear John

*Warning- spoiler's for the book Dear John.
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At 3am last night I still couldn't sleep, I'd been tossing and turning since 2am... I had just finished the book Dear John. I finished it in 2 nights, I didn't want to read it any longer. From the very first paragraph, I knew I wouldn't like the ending. The theme of sacrificial love, was great, don't get me wrong but I hated how it was portrayed and how the book ended. It seems to give military relationships no hope. As I said before when it comes to Nicholas Sparks, I've only seen the movie A Walk to Remember and now added reading the book Dear John. Both of them left me crying and wishing it could have been different.

I think more than the ending, the story of how Savannah & John met (the short time he had there), the extremely short time spent together physically over years, and the very long distance relationship made it all to real for me. My husband and I mirrored a lot of it...

So at 3am... despite knowing he had to be up at 5am, I so desperately wanted to wake him up and tell him how much I loved him, how glad I am we were faithful to each other during our long times of separation, how much I believed him when he said everything would be okay, that we had faith enough to make it work. To make our love work, stay entact, despite it all... distance, time, arguments. We knew that love was not just a one-time choice, it was a decision you make every day- to continue loving. I ended up not waking him, even though he would have talked if I needed it. Instead, I just wiggled under his arm and laid my head on his chest until I finally fell asleep...

I fully agree with the book saying- in a marriage there is only room for two people. I can't help the fact that even though I know it was to show sacrificial love, how people could change for the better, there was so much guilt in the book it made it all very sad. I guess it was just not what I was expecting.

The DVD is still wrapped up all pretty in it's plastic from the store. It beckons me when I walk by and see it... but I don't want to watch it, not right now. I know Hollywood will inevitably make changes, ie: from the book...her hair is suppose to be brown and he never mentions being in the Special Forces, he calls himself an infantryman grunt. People have told me they LOVED the movie... but they also love Nicholas Sparks' books and his movie The Notebook, I never saw it... refused. Same as reading or watching Twilight. I don't know, something about it... I'll watch Dear John eventually, just not today. Not this week.


  1. The book is 10 times better. I looked at my watch about 100 times wishing the movie would end!

  2. I read the book too...haven't seen the movie. I'm not thinking that I will watch the movie. I didn't care for the ending ~ it just seemed so wrong.

  3. Watch the movie.. I dont want to give anything away but it ends differently and I think you make like the ending..kinda

  4. im a new follower and i LOVE your blog! and i have to agree 100% about dear man and i both read it and HATED it! the movie is alright...but nothing worth writing home about.
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