Sunday, June 6, 2010

What the what?!

Yeah, fair warning- this post will be ALL over the place...

Man was this a CRAPPY week... no I'm not saying fun things didn't happen... but it was one of THOSE weeks. You know, anything and everything no matter how big or small creates an epic and RIDICULOUS argument with the husband? Oh, you don't? Well you're lucky. Let me give you one example from this week: we planned on going to see a movie, picked it out together. We ended up going to a steakhouse with friends beforehand and hubs had a long day at work so after dinner he was tired. I understood and let it slide, it's only a movie we could see it later. Well, later came (after another event with friends) and he asked "do you want to go to the movie now or wait until the later one?" I could tell he was really tired, so in my mind I thought it's up to him. If he can make it through we could go now and if not he can take a nap and go later, well silly me for thinking and not voicing. I simply said "I don't care." Annnnd KABOOM. Argument. Lame.

Like I said above, it wasn't all bad though. We had a good night with our Bible Study Group, had a couple friends over for dinner, went to the Steakhouse, and attended a birthday/baptism/goodbye party for our friend's young daughters. I am sad about the last one though... I really really like them and they PCS to Hawaii in less than 2wks. =(

Anyway... these are the gifts I made for the girls...

A carry-along monkey for the birthday girl (it's her nickname).
[also bought her cute summer dresses for the beach!]
A dove plushie for the little one who was baptized.
[also bought her a Precious Moments' "My Angel" book]


  1. Um, HELLO super cute gifts!!! I'm so impressed that you made those.

  2. Cute gifts!! I'm sure they were so happy to get them!!

  3. I wanted to give you an can check out my post here:

  4. Those gifts are so cute!!! I'm sure they were really happy to get them. Goodbyes are always sad but I'm sure you will keep in touch.

    And yes, I know those weeks where everything starts an argument. I've been lucky and haven't had one of those in a while. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself! ;)


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