Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Power Outage - Love - Take a trip to the SPA

Power Outage.
Last night we had this huge, wonderful, thunderstorm. No, I'm not being facetious. I love pounding rain, lightning illuminating the sky, and rolling thunder. It reminds me of home. What I do not love... the power going out. However there are positives to everything.

+I have a slight obsession [doesn't help that I sell them] with candles and I got to use them in every room!
+Hubs and I enjoyed spending time together distraction free.
+We "camped" downstairs on the couch, it was much too hot upstairs with no A/C and the humidity
+I saw fireflies/lightning bugs for the first time since the parking lot and backyard lights were out
+Reading my book by flashlight reminded me of when I was little and didn't want to go to bed yet so I would read under my covers...
+/-I'm still hoping we don't get sick... but I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away at least (if not more) $100.00 worth of groceries from the fridge/freezer... I just went shopping that afternoon!
-Hubs is doing a huge drill today and had to get up REALLY early, the couch is comfy but not as comfy as our bed, so he didn't get the best night's sleep ever...

Star, over at Star Spangled Stockings really got me thinking this morning... here is her post. Here is my version of "what love is."

Love is...

Beautiful and painful. It requires a strength within us that many people never knew they had, or never fully accept. It is ever-changing requiring adaptation, forgiveness, and compromise. Love is not stagnant, one cannot simply "fall in love" and stay there without making a conscience choice to love each day. God created us to love, giving us the highest role model of Christ himself. However, we will never achieve unconditional love, it is not in our human nature. Love is so powerful it has caused people to leave their families, people to travel across the oceans, even causing war. Without love, this world would fail.

Take a trip to the SPA.
Wednesday's are my day to post over at See Pray Act. I hope you'll join me as we study how to Fireproof Your Marriage. If you don't think my study is for you (I think those headed on the route to marriage, engaged, newly-wed, or married for many years can learn from this study), pop on over any time this week to check out the other studies we have going on.
It's a SPA day!


  1. Ah! I was coming over to thank you for your wonderful and thought-provoking comment, and now I see I need to thank you also for plugging my post! :)

    My power went out last night too. I finished that book I was talking about by the glow of my laptop monitor. Ah, technology.

  2. I love thunderstorms! Especially when the power goes out. I adore using candles and just spending time together without distractions (as you said). It's the best!

    Except the throwing things out of the fridge/freezer. Not very cool at all.

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    Have a great day!

  4. So I totally thought I was following you and I just realized I wasn't!! So weird!! But I love thunderstorms..and candles..and spas. <3


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