Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God Bless America vs. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

This past weekend my boys (AZ Diamondbacks) were playing the Washington Nationals... of course I had to go to at least ONE game, so off to DC...

I liked:
  • The ballpark, it was really nice!
  • $17.00 seats gave us a nice view =)
  • I got to see my boys play, even if I went on a day they lost...
  • It stopped raining which ultimately led us to attend, we missed the first inning but whatever!
I didn't like:
  • The fact that some idiots decided to run across the field during the middle of the 6th inning protesting SB1070...it's a baseball game, leave politics out of it!
  • The fact that during the 7th inning stretch not one person besides us sang along with "God Bless America" yet, everyone sang "Take me out to the ballgame." Seriously?! Washington DC, the capitol of the United States of America... and no one would sing a patriotic song? I was heated.

So... what is your favorite baseball team?
Is the team from your hometown?
Have you got to see them play since you moved?


  1. Cute photo! People are ridiculous. I haven't been to a game since I lived in Boston my first year of college. It was at Fenway and I'm from New York... I felt like such a rebel! ♥

  2. Really!? What stupid people. So ridiculous.

  3. That seriously aggravates me too! Are you kidding? And I don't understand why they have to post the words to the National Anthem at games... ummm, it's not an Alma Mater, it's the NATIONAL ANTHEM!

    My team is the Red Sox, I've never seen them. The only pro game I've ever been to was here in San Diego: Padres v. Rockies.

  4. To answer your question.

    I love the Phillies. They aren't from my Hometown (Dodgers fans boo at me, lol), and I love going up to Philly any chance I get to watch them!

  5. first off, I would have been heated too! how frustrating!!!

    fav team: Red Sox (ever since birth... my dad is from MA) And no, I'm from Memphis, TN, lol... so they aren't from my hometown. But I have seen them play in Arlington, TX!! :)

  6. I can't believe they would protest at a baseball game. And who doesn't sing God Bless America!? Everyone knows the words so you might as well!

    My favorite team is the Chicago Cubs but I'm slowly becoming a strong fan of the Milwaukee Brewers since I lived there for a few years. I guess you could say that they are both from my hometown, ha ha! I have only seen the Cubs play twice in my entire life. Which SUCKS! I've seen the Brewers play more times than the Cubs I think which is fine with me! I went to a Brewers game back in April but I haven't gone since then.

  7. My favorite team is the Lancaster Barnstormers! Well actually the Phillies, but they are too big league to be able to actually go see, so the Barnstormers it is! I love going to their games, they are so military focused too. The first game I went to they had all the new recruits from a local office throwing the first pitch. They let my son dance up on the dugout the one time we were there during his daddies deployment!

    Also... I want to buy something from All Fired Up! I want an ACU apron, how do I give you credit for that or whatever?!

  8. I was at the Nationals Marlins game last week! I wanted to see Strasburg pitch but he was still injured. But the Marlins slaughtered the Nats, my second favorite team.

    I am a born and bred Yankees fan. I remember finding a picture of a baby in a Yankees onesie and asking my mom who the baby boy was... yea it was totally me. :P

    But I LOVE baseball! Ryan gets tickets from MCCS free quite a bit and I cannot wait to go back.

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit http://glassofsweettea.blogspot.com/
    I had a mishap today.. if you go back to my blog you will see what im talking about..but i am asking for prayer.. i fell today when i was out with my grand daughter and broke my foot..
    so if you wouldnt mind adding me to your prayer list..
    I will be back to visit you..and I look forward to becoming blogging buddies..
    God Bless...

  10. I love going to baseball games! I enjoy watching it in person, then I do on tv. The last game I went to was in Chicago...I don't remember who was even playing? Haha..it was about 3yrs ago:(

    And NOT singing along?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!?! Grrrrr!!!!

  11. That is so crazy!

    Our favorite team are the LA Dodgers. I got to see them last summer in LA but would like to see them sometime when they play a team closer to us. That would be cool.

  12. My favorite team is the Red Sox only because it's my husbands favorite team.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. I am now following your blog as well as the SPA diaries blog. Thank you for telling me about it!

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