Thursday, August 5, 2010

CSN Stores Review

Awhile ago I was contacted by a representative from CSN, do you remember this post? It's what they require in order to do a product review, a form of "pre-review" to make sure you'll hold up your end of the deal...

So, here I am! Reviewing

With our gift cards from doing the pre-review my husband and I finally ditched our nasty vinyl shower curtain for a 100% cotton shower curtain and totally cute hooks!

Here they are, making our bathroom look beachy!

We also opted for a balance board, which is really fun. You can get a nice work-out by doing lunges, squats, tricep holds and leg raises.

Yeah...ignore my white legs!

I had a great experience with
  • creating an account was easy
  • ordering was easy
  • they sent me confirmation e-mails for each item with tracking numbers
  • all of my items arrived 2-3 days earlier than estimated!
The only thing I thought was weird was each item was shipped individually, as in - own box, own shipping label, own shipping cost. I know that each item I ordered came from a different CSN Store, so they must each have their own warehouse. I just felt bad that so much packaging was used for my items.

All in all... I completely recommend ordering from!


  1. I know what you mean about the packaging. I ordered a teapot and some envelopes. They came separately. The packaging and shipping had to have cost more than the envelopes!

  2. The balance board looks really cool! Does it really work?

  3. How fabulous! Your legs are white you goober!


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