Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Identity Crisis?

So at the moment I am curled up in my chair, wearing my work-out clothes. I want/need to work out but with the business of the past two days I didn't get a chance... and today when I finally plan it, what happens? My stomach turns on me! I hate when it churns and hurts like this for no apparent reason. So, I decided to sit down and write.

First, I wrote this week's session of Fireproofing Your Marriage over at SPA Diaries. If you are engaged, newly married, married for 5yrs or 50yrs... I promise this study is for you. It was so interesting and useful for my husband and I to do in our Young Marrieds' class, give it a shot. All of the sessions can be found in the right-hand sidebar or by clicking the Past Studies link in the top navigation bar.

Second, the title of this post. I feel as though I'm having an online-identity crisis. You know me as Skinnie Piggie/SP (some know my first name via guest posts or blog swaps... thanks for not sharing) and it will stay that way. After the whole OPSEC fiasco the Military Blogging World went through, I ran a personal checklist:
  1. My first name, his first name, our last name <-- not on here
  2. Our duty location <-- not on here, however general area is
  3. Photos of us <-- yes, however his name is not seen on any uniform photo
Then I asked him about the photos... he said it was fine, but not to over do it... and not to announce any promotions (at least the rank) or awards he earned. Which I understand. I feel as if I live in a dual world... anonymous but not. Does that make any sense to you all? I have a facebook/personal blog for my family and "real"-life friends... sometimes on my personal blog I double the stories I tell here, obviously just with more details and names, and it just feels awkward, when it shouldn't. That is my private space, this is my public space.

I want to help people. Share experiences, have discussions, etc. I haven't posted anything substantial lately because I don't feel like anything I share will be well received. Stupid? Maybe. However... my follower's section says I have 119 people with me on their list. 119 people that click on my blog, maybe skim and entry, and then just leave. I'm guilty of doing that too... but, I do make an effort to comment on entries when I can.

Who are you?
Why do you/did you decide to read my blog?


Why did you stop?

{GIVEAWAY in the works... here's to hoping it doesn't fall thru!}


  1. hiya,
    i just started following your blog last week. i am a new navy wife and i am trying to learn as much as i can about this life we are embarking on.
    my husband is currently at bootcamp and we are both older than the typical enlistee. it makes things different, but an adventure all the same!

  2. I always read your posts in my google reader but sometimes I don't like repeating what others have said :) But I do enjoy reading about you

  3. hey... yeah the whole opsec thing is a touchy subject. Im a private person anyways, so I just keep it at that. Hope you get over your identity crisis!! It'll all come out in the wash (as my momma used to say)... so dont worry if you have said anything... I haven't noticed anything. Just move forward... and know you are a better person than the women who totally disregard opsec!

  4. I am pretty new to the bloggy world and am a military wife, so I really wanted to find other wives who blog and share their experiences, both with the military and life in general. I thought it might be a good way to network and I found your blog through many other military wife blogs that I read :)

  5. I just love reading what you have to say. I try to comment regularly.

  6. I started reading a few months ago: I am a Christian military wife, and a new guinea pig owner :-)


I love hearing from you all! =)