Friday, August 20, 2010

Living out of a suitcase...

I have been cleaning up the files on my computer, making sure I have all of the photos backed-up on my external hard drive, etc. Well I ran across my pictures from studying abroad in New Zealand and Australia...

  1. I absolutely miss both of those countries, although New Zealand will always be the winner in the epic Kiwi vs. Aussie battle... I just love their culture, openness, and the beautiful scenery.

  2. Oddly, I miss the simplicity of life during my time overseas...
    • Yes, I had class & mandatory field trips BUT everything else was done on my own time
    • NO cellphone!
    • Walking the city or taking the bus allowed me to really take in the things around me
    • Living out of a suitcase- EVERYTHING I had traveled with me, and all my souvenirs had to fit. It made life very simple, compact, and you knew what was important.
    • Everyone I knew lived in the same building, if you wanted to see if they could hang out- you knocked on their door. No phone call, no texting... face-to-face interaction.

  3. Meeting new people, experiencing new foods (yes, I even ate Kangaroo!), and learning more about myself - and loving who I was then (sadly, I feel as though in the past 3yrs I've lost some of that girl...)
Here are a few shots from my time there [click to view full size]...

Sydney Opera House

Feeding a Wallaby

New Zealand Memorial built for American troops who fought by their side and died during WWII

Overlooking the main harbor near Auckland, NZ

Yes, that is a real lamb. (they are super oily!)

Would you guys like to hear more about my time there & see more photos?
What would you like to know?


  1. That lamb is adorable!! Looks like so much fun!!

    What was the biggest lesson that you learned from your trip, and what won't you forget?

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE feeding a Wallaby! Jealous! Well I am just jealous of your entire trip! I have super THICK hair, like it takes me over an hour is I want to straighten it! But some people said it didn't work. It did for me though! You should try out the modern updo pin first for thick hair.

  3. What a neat experience! I'd love to see more pictures!!


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