Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Package Swap - It has arrived!

Flip-Flops & Combat Boots hosted the Fall Favorite's Swap and paired me up with the lovely and amazing Amber from Goodnight Moon. Haven't heard of her? Well... check her out!

[click any photo to view actual size]

She seriously spoiled me... I mean seriously... and look how cute she packaged everything:Now for the unwrapped version:Two super cute orange polka dot glasses, banana pudding bread {known as "yummy bread" by her children-so cute!}, a set of homemade note cards with photos she has taken, a note from her, a caramel pumpkin candle, a beautiful owl magnet, and a super cute glass pumpkin filled with candy corn - how did she know about my sick obsession with the stuff? Seriously I start eating... and just... can't... stop!

Did you notice the guinea pig treats in the background?
Yeah, she even sent treats for my little guys!
Look how excited they were:Beans was being a little hog, so Twix decided to see if I had anything else for him...
Once he realized my hands were empty he decided to fight his brother for a sniff...After successfully pulling a treat out of the bag, they enjoyed!


Everything was AMAZING and totally needed with the gloomy days we've been having around here, especially with my terrible work schedule. =)

Want to see what I sent her?
Check it out here.


  1. that's such an awesome package!!! she spoiled you and your kiddies!! But then again, that doesn't really surprise me. Amber is the nicest person!

  2. I'm so glad that we were swap partners! I had so much fun doing it for you!!!!! I LOVED the pictures of Beans and Twix eating their treats! So cute!!!

    Thanks again for all my goodies!

  3. What a fabulous package! And, could your piggies be any cuter? The answer to that one is NO!

  4. What a wonderful package and cute little piggies!

  5. This was a great package! That picture of the piggies sharing the treat is too cute.

  6. Ahh! I have 2 guinea pigs, too! ;)


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