Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday: Pick-Me-Up

Columbus day... not really sure why it's a federal holiday since he didn't actually land on US soil (I believe it was an island near/in the Bahamas) and technically when he did, it wasn't uninhabited (I mean hello- Native Americans!) BUT, I am glad for the day off!

So Mr. Columbus.
I thank you for...

  • "Discovering the New World"
  • Thus, allowing my ancestors to move here.
  • Letting me enjoy the freedoms of the USA.
  • Then becoming a federal holiday.
  • So I can- sleep in, rest up, and enjoy a day with the hubby.
Okay, so any history teacher would kill me for my "belittling" of such an important event. I apologize.

If you have kiddos and want to teach them a bit more about the day or just have fun with it, one of my favorite go-to sites is One Pretty Thing. They recently did an entire post on Columbus day crafts & activities- Check it out here.

It's a new week... I hope yours is going well! =)

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  1. Ha ha I had to work bright and early and had my plans for the post office and bank get ruined so I wasn't really digging today. It was cooler when I was in elementary school.


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