Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Shower Photos & Deets (Finally! Sorry...)


Alright, so the party was over a week and a half ago... but I finally got all of the picture together! [please remember- click on all photos to view them in higher resolution!]

The invitation:
I was really in love with the baby chick themes, and with Easter just around the corner... there were so many options for decorations. I decided on "She's About to Hatch" as the final theme and went from there... I made the invitation in photoshop.

Top Left: Prize Bags (complete with Victoria's Secret!)
Top Right: Close-up on the cupcakes Amy & I made
Bottom Left: Pacifier necklaces for "no baby" game
Bottom Right: Eggs & Chicks lining the path to my door...

Top Left: Homemade Cupcake Tower (2 bowls, dinner & salad plate)
Top Right: "Mom to be seat"
Bottom Left: Front entry
Bottom Right: Gift & Dessert Table

Top Left: "Take" Banner over the guest's goodie bags
Top Right: Cupcake Game (find the chick in yours and you win!)
Bottom Left: Food Station
Bottom Right: We've seen this before... oops.

Top Left: Bird Nests in process. (Thanks Michelle)
Top Right: Homemade Lollipop Bouquet
Bottom Left: Egg Garland on Stairs
Bottom Right: Goodie Bags for guests (Bird Nests & jelly beans)

Top Left: Modified my wall art with tissue paper.
Top Right: Up close and personal with chocolate goodness
Bottom Left: Better angle of the goodie bag tray
Bottom Right: Drink Station! (and my tiny kitchen-ignore)

I bet you're asking how she liked my gift...
She LOVED it! Thanks so much to Cami from Bears and More, she was so easy to talk to and work out the extra details (pink ribbon) and fast shipping.

So, that's it folks. I would love to run a small party planning business... maybe some day!

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  1. Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! This is an adorable theme! I love all the little details you added - they are so creative! The chocolate nests are super cute! Thanks for sharing! Your friend is so lucky!

  2. Hi Tay. Just wanted to let you know I'll be featuring your party tomorrow. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like! Thanks again for linking up!


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