Thursday, March 18, 2010


So tonight hubby's battalion FRG has been deemed the "charity" that all donations from a local quarter auction will go to. Since vendors are donating the items to be sold at the auction, the battalion decided to have a bake sale there as well... this is where I (and many other wives) come in.

I was approached by Ruth, the Master Gunnery Sergeant's wife, and asked to come over and help bake. 1-I know her and like her. 2-she's the MGySgt's wife, you can't say no! So, yesterday... I baked 50 sugar cookies (luckily Lisa iced them), 50 chocolate chip cookies, and 50 oatmeal raisin cookies... whew. That was just at her house though, today I will bake something here at mine.

Speaking of her house, wow. Now... obviously her hubby is a MGySgt and they have five kids... so a large house is in order. But is was so pretty! I've heard horror stories about base housing, but for the upper ranks here on the Fort they seem pretty nice. Hubby and I don't need to live on base considering we don't have any children and it's acutally economically better for us to live off base at the moment. If that day comes though, I hope we can get at least get a nice base house.

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