Thursday, March 25, 2010

I just want to sit, put my feet up, and zone out!

Man has it been a long week (and I still have Friday left, haha!).

Let's see... mainly I've been helping Ruth de-clutter, organize, and prepare her home for TMO to come. It is no easy task, she has FIVE children! One entire hallway of her house is currently devoted to garage sale items/donations. Not only is it cleaning and organizing but the 2yr old is generally home with us during the day, sometimes he goes to the CDC... but when he doesn't, things like my hair getting "styled" with lasagna fingers occur- ewwwwwwww!

On that note I would like to mention it is baby-making season here at the Fort (Needless to say, I don't drink the water). I am constantly telling my pregnant and mom friends that they are the best birth control for me. Seriously though, between their rants and raves about the horrid things their pregnancy is/has put(ting) them through, or what the little boy drug in and where their little girl painted the other day, I am in no way desiring children at the moment. I have also only been married for 4mo and would like some time for hubby and I to just be together.

Back to my week, Wednesday I did get to relax a bit. I drove my friend Michelle to the airport so she could visit her hubs who is away training. Then I picked up my other friend Erin and we went to the Commissary for groceries. After dropping them off at our houses we headed out to Lowe's and Wal*Mart to get a jump start on spring planting. I bought two small strawberry plants, yellow pansies, a green lily plant, and an orange/yellow tulip plant. Will they survive? That remains to be seen... that evening we enjoyed dinner at Erin and her hubby's house then watched the movie Australia, which I loved!

I also volunteered at church creating Resurrection Egg kits to be handed out at the Easter Extravaganza they are hosting this Saturday, it should be a blast. They are bringing in a former WFC wrestler and a Junior Heavyweight Champion to do "amazing feats of strength" and then share their testimonies. =)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm not sure where the best way to "meet" the writer of a blog is but here goes... Thanks for reading my blog and even commenting!! It's really nice to meet you, I'm Reina. I'm currently in NC at Camp Lejeune with my fiancee. We'll be moving to Maryland soon (August-ish).

    I'm excited to read more!!


  2. E-mail me, and we'll go from there =)

  3. Spring cleaning must be in the air b/c I just helped my friend fill half her garage with crap to throw or give away. I am glad I'm not a hoarder!


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