Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is here (to stay I hope!)

Thursday at 1:25am our friends welcomed a little Marine brat into the world... sadly it was a rush procedure due to pregnancy complications and she must remain in NICU until her due date (May 5th) or they deem her healthy enough to go home. Please pray for our friends and the health of little Leah, she's so cute even with all those icky tubes and IV's!

In less pressing news...

The quarter auction was so much fun last night, numbers being called, people yelling in triumph or grunting in disappointment. When I won the Pampered Chef fluted cake pan I practically jumped up and ripped it out of the lady's hand. No joke, I feel kinda bad about it now, it was one of those spur of the moment things. We had placed bids 4 times for Pampered Chef before we won, haha... I seriously hope we raised a lot of money for the FRG, the holiday events are always so nice for us families. Personally hubby and I did very well for ourselves overall, we took $48 in quarters to bid with and came away with $100 in winnings! (Pampered Chef items, Tastefully Simple items, and Celebrating Home decor).

Also, the weather has been amazing this week. I told "Other" Tay it's all because of her, she brought sunny AZ with her. We've hit 70* everyday and not a cloud in sight! What a drastic change from last week's 6 straight days of rain and 40* temperatures.

Has spring really come to stay? I sure hope so... I don't think I can deal with much more inclement weather... three blizzards in a one month span for a Southern Arizona girl was quite the culture shock! Speaking of spring, the first day is tomorrow! March 20th. I just found out Rita's Italian Ice (which we didn't have on the west coast) is giving away a free regular size Italian Ice to all guests from 10am-Noon. I'm not sure if I'm going to fight the crowds, but man does that sound tasty and a great treat to enjoy on a nice sunny afternoon!

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  1. Hi Tay! Thanks for the blog love! Isn't Rita's the best! We love it! Didn't know they didn't have it on the West coast!

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