Monday, March 29, 2010

i♥faces - dramatic black&white

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About the editing:
I removed the color then I messed with the brightness/contrast. I loved the picture how it was, I feel as though the men in uniform and the bride kissing her groom is dramatic enough without too much editing. The grain is actually due to the fact that my camera doesn't perform all that well at night (making editing a bit more difficult), yet for this challenge I feel as though it added to instead of taking away from the emotions of the photo.

A little more personal:
This was my husband's Gunny and his wife was our FRO, recently PCS'd. I took this photo November 14th, 2009. These two had gotten married in Hawaii at the courthouse, they never had a real wedding. Her father has a terrible form of cancer, and she (like most women) longed for her "daddy" to walk her down the aisle before he passed on. So, they held their wedding in the Norfolk Naval Hospital where he is being treated, he wore his dress blues and escorted her down the aisle via wheelchair. While those were dramatic photos, I didn't capture them well. I did capture this- if you aren't familiar with military weddings, the Arch of the Swords is a sight to be seen. Once the couple has walked through the arch, they stop for a kiss, then (in the Marine Corps) the Marine on the bride's side will gently "slap" her on the butt with his sword and say "Welcome to the Marine Corps Ma'am!".

Make Sure:
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  1. I love the story behind the picture!!!!!! I actually entered this contest for the very first time, you can check my entery out on my other blog, "Willis, Party of 6".

  2. Great photo! Hubby and I had an arch of sabers as well, and the Army does the ass smack and the "welcome" as well... I have a picture of my face as hubby's best man jabbed me. Sweet friends, we have ;) At any rate, beautiful photo dear! I love the bride's dress!!

  3. Great photo, love military weddings. I just entered the contest for the first time, my post is right after yours.

  4. What a precious capture, and story behind the photograph! I remember being about 13 and attending a marine's wedding. Wow - talk about being starstruck!

  5. I love your explanation. Great shot!

  6. I love the emotion of the picture, ha fairy tales!

  7. Absolutely beautiful BEFORE the story was even told and now that I have tears streaming down my face even better! Good luck with the entry!


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