Thursday, July 7, 2011

50th Hawaii State Fair

{We went back in June and I just realized this was sitting in my "saved drafts" ... oops!}

I always forget how expensive these things are, which is probably why I only went as a child in Arizona and we decided to skip out on the one in Maryland. Here’s what I mean: $5 to park, $5 each for entry, $1-2 per midway game, $1 per ticket for rides, and $5-10 each for food (Oh, if you haven’t had a deep fried oreo- you are missing out! I think it was $4 for 5 oreos but seriously they were like heaven in my mouth).

We went for “the experience,” we watched the ostrich and camel races which were pretty cool… the track was super short though so they were done too quickly to be truly enjoyable. The Pirate Pets show was cute- definitely aimed at the youngsters, it was awesome to learn that every animal in the show (rats, cats, dogs) were adopted from the humane society though! The European Circus made the $5 entrance fee worth it! The three families involved were amazing: unicycle tricks, tight-rope walking, big swing launches, a small clown act, body contortion, juggling, and of course getting the crowd involved. We played a couple midway games, we managed to win a 10in stuffed banana- honestly what am I going to do with that? No rides for us, the only one I would have even thought about going on was the ferris wheel, all the rest looked like a puke-fest waiting to happen!

Mainly I used the time to take some fun photos to try my hand at “vintage editing,” what do you think?

*please don't use my photos without permission


  1. I LOVE State Fairs!!! And I think you took (and edited!) some great photos!

  2. The photos look great! Good job!!

  3. I was furious with the one I went to last - we paid to park, get in, got ourselves some food... and then found out that Maks was a half inch too short to be allowed on ANY rides! He was bawling, and we just left. :-(

    Your pictures are beautiful though! Love them!

  4. Geeze, things can be costly. Your pictures look great!

  5. You have 'state' fairs? Darn it, betweem those and the pics of people all dressed up for Military Balls, I think we sadly are missing out up here! :P


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