Friday, July 29, 2011

Sea Life Park

For our second adventure I found our car pulling into Sea Life Park's parking lot. My hubby had purchased tickets in advance (thank goodness for the MCCS ITT- both of us got in for less than the regular price for one person!) and surprised me. It is a small park but it was nice, clean, and the trainers seriously had a passion for the animals that they took care of.

Honus (sea turtles) are one of our favorite animals!

Makapu'u lighthouse from the sea lion stadium

The sea lion show was hilarious... "Miss Sea Lion Universe" with Miss Cabo...

...and Miss California!

Show in dolphin cove.

A wholphin... yes it's real. Google it.
Combination of a bottle-nose dolphin and a false killer whale.

This picture is so cool!

A humboldt penguin... our other favorite animal!

A beautiful Wyland painting, done in 1988.

After the park I was feeling a little more energetic than I have in awhile so we cruised into town... on the way we found my favorite yogurt shop from Arizona... YOUGURTLAND. It was so delicious. We then hit up the NEX for some things we've been needing. By the time we got home I was wiped out, unfortunately after such a great day I was sick all night long. I finally managed to get to sleep around 4am, which was good because my hubby had pre-purchased tickets to another attraction for the following day (I'll tell you about that adventure next!).

Once again, please do not use my photos!


  1. Joe's been begging me to go to the aquarium... I heard it was kind of lame, so I've been dodging that one. But this looks pretty cool!! We may have to check it out. =) I'm guessing it's closer to your side of the island?

  2. Love all the photos.. looks like a blast! Yogurtland sounds amazing, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Please can we meet at least for a moment!?!? I'm here until 8/5!! :) You know how to get a hold of me!


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