Friday, October 21, 2011

fluffy pillows and cozy sheets

Honestly nothing about this past week has been all THAT crazy... we said goodbye to my parents on Sunday (I'll do a short re-cap on their visit in a few days), Monday I had a planning meeting with the FRO, took homecoming photos for an Afghanistan detachment, then attended/photographed the women's worship night at my church. Tuesday I cleaned the house and ran errands. Wednesday I attended a fire marshall brief that is required for living in base housing and took my new beach cruiser for a ride around base. Thursday I went to my women's Bible study then drove all over the island looking for face paint.

Today I got up early for a job interview (I got it!) and since then have been baking fall goodies to sell at tonight's event... our battalion is holding a haunted house. I will have nothing to do with it, I can't handle scary stuff, so when I mentioned that I could paint kids' faces they decided to make a children's area at the event. So... 3 dozen pumpkin spice cookies and 2 dozen fall themed sugar cookies later, I'm tired. And... still have to paint faces tonight...

Now that I think about it... I've been tired the ENTIRE week. In the beginning I thought I was emotionally drained from saying goodbye to my parents (I hadn't seen them in almost 8mo). But, then we added the funky weather we've been having... humid, sticky, cloudy, gray, rainy... but still warm. At any rate, hubby and I were in bed at 8pm last night and asleep by 9pm! Unheard of for me... I am a night owl! I only go to bed early if I'm sick. =/

I woke up 3 times last night and each time I felt like the entire room was spinning, I don't know if it's pressure in my sinuses or not but it was scary. I've had a headache for the past two nights so that would be my guess. I will be painting faces tonight because I volunteered to do so. But honestly, I just want my pillow, sheets, and husband. *sigh*

I hope to meet/see some of you at the joint spouses conference tomorrow...
If you see me, please say hi!


  1. Whoa! You have been one busy woman!!! Rest soon, ok?!

  2. My parents are coming into town for a couple days next month and I am so excited, but I know it will be emotionally draining when I have to say goodbye for another year. I hope face painting goes smoothly and you get to that bed asap!

  3. Good grief, lady! Hope you get a long nap soon! :)


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