Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom& Dad came to town...

Mom & Dad came to visit... so we showed them the sights, sounds, local flavors, and of course the beaches! It was refreshing having my mom around, not just for the fact that she cooked and cleaned despite my attempts to remind her that she was on vacation in my home, moms... =)  My dad always makes me more adventurous when hanging out with him, within 25min of learning to stand-up on a SUP in the calm waters he had me out navigating and catching waves! We also visited Pearl Harbor for some historic tourism and hit up the local swap meet.

The boat ride back from the USS Arizona Memorial

My dad and I going out for the very first time on the SUPs

Saying goodbye was hard, always is. It had been almost 8mo since seeing them... between all the moving, being sick, and having anxiety it's been quite a ride. I love my parents and I hope that we can remedy the large gaps of time between visits-too bad plane tickets cost so much!


  1. That was so nice of them to come and visit....looks like you guys had a blast!!!

  2. Aw, fun!!! I always love visits from my parents!!

  3. That sounds lovely, and a lot of fun. I have heard that if you join a particular program through like Delta or whatever you start building points without a credit card system and it could really save on money.

  4. That was the worst part about being stationed in Hawaii- plane tickets.


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