Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday: Pick-Me-Up

A few weeks ago (or maybe more, time is spinning out of control very quickly in our home with the looming travels/deployment) the wonderful  Tay from Our Military Home threw a contest for home made pumpkin frames. I WON ONE!

Our Military Home

We have a small "landing" next to the stairs and usually the mail gets thrown on top, along with my husband's notebooks, our Bibles, etc. Which is why we call it the "landing" because everything seems to land there! However, it is also a place for our wedding stuff, it's kind of cool to see it as you walk into our home.

Now, you get to see it decorated for Halloween...
Isn't the pumpkin frame she made so cute!?
As you can tell... I'm NOT into scary halloween decor... bring on the oranges, purples, neon greens, cute jack-o-lanterns, and Peanuts Halloween items. I also take down the specific halloween decor and replace it with Thanksgiving to make Oct/Nov easy! The only thing that will change here is the mini jack-o-lantern & "happy halloween"... it'll go to a turkey and "give thanks." Easy, right?

Do you enjoy decorating for the holiday's? Any tips or tricks you use to make transitioning between them easier?

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  1. Yay, I love it! I really like the sign and I have one of those glass Pumpkins from Wal Mart!!!


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