Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marriage Retreat Review

Before my birthday week hubby and I attended our local CREDO's Marriage Enrichment Retreat, it was great! Hubby and I seriously needed a weekend away from everything... technology, cell phones, but especially his work.
Our room (post bed-bug check/husband jumping on the bed!)

Friday afternoon he got off early since the retreat is sponsored and funded by the military. We drove across the island and checked into our hotel. We had enough time to grab a quick nap before the opening session/dinner. We were told what was expected of us (ie: be on time, attend all sessions, participate), they then answered any questions we had, and released us for dinner. Dinner was the most amazing buffet EVER. Prime rib, crab legs, mahi mahi, sushi, pasta, full salad bar, full side bar (mashed potatoes, rice, veggies, etc), hot rolls, dessert bar, and make your own ice cream sundae station. OH MY GOODNESS.

The Friday night sessions consisted of: "3 Keys to Communication," "Men vs Women's Brains & Special Moments of Our Love." We also learned our Myers-Briggs Personality.

Saturday morning's breakfast buffet rivaled dinner... omelet station, juice bar, pastry bar, pancake & waffle station, fruit bar,  and all the typical sides (bacon, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, yogurt, hash browns, etc.). Saturday was an intense day of sessions... we learned the four biggest issues in arguments and how to change the situations. We also learned an exercise called the "XYZ" to allow the other person's feelings to be known. We received a literal "floor tile" for our refrigerator to use the Speaker Listener Technique during arguments/discussions of importance. As well as learning four steps of conflict resolution and how to fight properly. Before we were sent off with our boxed lunches we wrote each other an apology letter and an appreciation letter... we ate lunch by the pool then went back to the room to enjoy the air conditioning and to read our letters. After the break we went back for two more sessions, during these we learned about the 5 love languages (and were even given the book for free!) and intimacy... then at 4pm we were released for our "mandatory date night."

Sunday's breakfast was just as amazing... then we had a small church service followed by the final two sessions which focused on finances. Finally, we were taken to the top floor of the hotel to receive our certificate of completion and have couples photos taken. They also gave the option of doing a vow renewal, which was pretty cool...

I HIGHLY recommend attending one of these events if at all possible!



  1. Sweet! Thanks so much for sharing about your weekend. I've thought about attending a marriage retreat, but we haven't actually gone to one before - I love hearing that you had such a great experience and got stuff out of it :)

  2. It sounds amazing! I hope we get to go to one soon!

  3. That sounds so wonderful! We went to a retreat like this a few years ago and it was so great to get away with my husband and learn a few things (although your location was much better than ours!) Glad you had a nice time!

  4. That sounds like a cooler version of what Sky and I did. ;)

  5. Thanks for the info! Im going to look into some around us!


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