Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Cherry Blossoms

Hubs and I went down to DC this Saturday... beautiful blossoms, weather, artists, fireworks. Some favorite pictures:

Evidently this coming Saturday is the final weekend, complete with a parade and Japanese street festival. Maybe we can go next year...?

Easter was fun, being in the military we are all away from home so we made the best of it! We enjoyed church service then had friends over for Easter brunch on the back patio... Q made the best seasoned red russet potatoes and I attempted a combination of three recipes to make a baked apple pancake. Success! There were NO leftovers what-so-ever. A much needed afternoon nap was taken, then we had even more friends come over. Tamera has a 3yr old son so we hid 30ish eggs in the backyard and let him go for it, he had a blast. The boys then played football and the girls relaxed and did what women "do best" talked. We were all to lazy to cook dinner, so we ordered pizza and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

It was a good day, then I talked to my best friend from home and my family... making it great.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend.

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