Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday: Pick-Me-Up

These beauties have been gracing our house for the past week...

...and nope, they are not from my husband!

Who are they from then? They are from my LLT (Long Lost Twin), aka my best friend from home. Last Saturday the UPS guy knocked on the door and left a box outside. I brought in the Pro Flowers Box, and looked at hubs chilling on the couch:

Me- "Did you buy me flowers?"
Q- "No, did they deliver them to the right house?" (legitimate question, the neighbors have gotten our packages before and vice versa)
Me- [check the label] "Nope, it says my name and our address."

Anyway, my best friend decided that she needed to send some sunshine and happiness my way! I thank her so very much, it is absolutely amazing to get something in the mail completely unexpected!

So ladies- my question for you today... what special surprise (no matter how small or big) have you received lately?


  1. Thats so sweet! I love surprises like that. I just had a friend staying with me from London and before she left she gave me flowers and my pregnancy craving of was so sweet!

  2. Those flowers are so pretty!

    My mom sent us a package the other day, coffee for me and Danny..and puppy treats for Miley! It was too cute :)

  3. What gorgeous flowers! I have to tell you ... YOU WON my giveaway! : D


  4. That was so sweet! Your friend is so thoughtful. And the flowers are beautiful!

  5. Hey there!

    My name is Carmen and I'm sort of new to the whole blogger community (I migrated from xanga) and I'm trying to make some new military friends. I just thought I would stop by and say hello! =)

    As for your question, the one surprise that I got recently (alright so there are two...) was when my fiance sent me a text yesterday out of the blue saying "How can a guy like me be so lucky to be with someone as gorgeous as you?" AWWW. I wanted to cry it was so cute. The second thing was when my mom came over to get my brothers pizza rolls from my house (haha, I know that sounds strange) and she gets up from the sofa and tells me to come here and then she just hugs me and tells me how much she loves me. That was the only reason she came over! Awwww I love them.

    By the way, those are GORGEOUS flowers! =)

  6. How great!!!! I love best friends, that know when you need a "pick me up"!

    Surprise?!?!? What's that?!?!? Nope, not as of recent!

  7. My surprise came today when my beloved called from Afghanistan! GOOD day for me! :) The flowers are lovely, tell your LLT she has great taste!


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