Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sad Day to be a Zonie...

[I bet 99.5% of you thought this was going to be about the SB1070... well it's not.]

Oh my boys, did you forget how to skate. How to shoot. How to score. How to play the game you get paid for every day of your life? Where was the team that played their hearts out on Sunday? I know Doaner is hurt and not on the ice, but still, I wanted to cry... 6 to 1? It was game seven, did you just crack under the pressure? (insert memories from the Cardinals losing the Superbowl...) The price I pay being a loyal sports fan to my home state...

This man deserves an award though. He was the ONLY one who came out to play. Facing 50+ shots!Thank you Bryzgalov.

Normally you root for the team that beat you... proving they deserved to win the entire playoffs. However, rooting for the Red Wings. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! That's like a mortal sin for a true Yotes Fan. I guess I will go back to my Cali days (pre-hockey in AZ), lets go SHARKS!


  1. hahah... Yeah, there aren't many hockey fans where I live! haha... it took me a while to figure out what you were talking about! But that's awesome you are such a fan!

  2. A little secret of mine... I actually played hockey from age 7-16!
    (I bet there are plenty of hockey fans where you are, sometimes it's just hard to pick us out ;-p)

  3. Ummm, I'm not to sure about all that hockey talk...

    And yes..I put those ads on there for you to click on, so I can put money in my pocket. So far...I've made a little over $3....haha!!!!

  4. You have no idea how excited I am to find another hockey fan in the mil-spouse world! I am, after all, from Minnesota.

    Red Wings suck - that's like cheering for the Patriots or the Yankees. Go Sharks!

  5. I'm sorry for you loss (well mine to I guess since I am a Zonie LOL). Found your blog through blog hopping and LOVE running into blogs who are from AZ!!!



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