Saturday, April 17, 2010

Piggie Baths!

So Q is out for the day, he and the guys (and some women who weren't suppose to tag along - ugh - can you tell I just found out?) are watching the Nationals play the Brewers this afternoon. Which leaves me home with the piglets for the morning, then I am headed to my friend's "Welcome Home" party for her baby girl! The precious little Leah was born 8wks early and only ended up having to spend 4 day in the NICU... the doctor's estimated the 2mo until her due date. She's been home for 2wks now and we're all (I'm lucky and already did) finally going to get to see her and celebrate her special life!

*Note- I'd love to go to the baseball game, but this is way more important than some stupid women tagging along guys day.

[Beans post-bath, pre-blowdrying : my little tail-less squirrel!]

So, once a week (or once every 1.5wks) the piglets get their nails trimmed and a bath. For those of you who didn't know or would never have guessed, guinea pigs are actually excellent swimmers! Maybe when it gets warm enough outside I'll video them for you...

Beans tends to be the adventurous one, not to mention the dominant one! We tend to say he has "little-man syndrome," because despite the fact he's easily a pound lighter than Twix he bullies him around like no other. Beans also likes his bath time, as opposed to Twix, who wouldn't even let me get a decent picture.

[Twix post-bath, about to shake: chubby angry man]

It's so funny how they are brothers, have lived together their entire lives yet are so different. Anyone who thinks animals lack personality has obviously never owned one!


  1. just found your blog, its so fun! the pictures of the wet guinea pigs made me laugh. :)

  2. Thank you! They keep me sane (when they aren't driving me insane ;-p)... Your blog is cute as well!


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