Thursday, April 15, 2010

My ring...

I love my wedding ring, I mean what girl doesn't? My engagement band has a very special meaning since he picked it out and incorporated a family heirloom and the wedding band he chose to compliment it is absolutely beautiful.

BUT, that is not what this post is about...

I take my ring off for three reasons:
  1. Doing the dishes
  2. Taking a shower (dang thing gets super slippery with the shampoo/conditioner).
  3. Exercising
and those three reasons only!

Today after I did my workout I realized I had forgotten to take some important documents to the post office, so in my still sweaty attire I grabbed the envelope and rushed out the door. As I got in the car my finger felt funny, I hadn't put my ring back on, the post office is literally 4mi away so I decided to just wait until I got back.

On the return trip I rounded the corner entering our circle and noticed Q's car in his parking spot, I was excited he NEVER gets home early. I walked in to find him talking on the phone with his Mom, but more importantly- MY RING WAS MISSING!

I checked the spot I left it while working out- not there.
I checked the spot I leave it while taking a shower- not there!
I checked the spot I leave it while doing dishes... NOT THERE!

What the heck? Suddenly... amongst the beginning of tears (I don't know why, reaction I assume) it clicked in my head. HE TOOK MY RING. What a sick joke.

He finally said goodbye to his Mom and then because my eyes were wet, asked me what was wrong (as if he hadn't noticed me frantically running around our tiny house....)

Me- My ring, I can't find it, what did you do with it?
Q- Me? I didn't do anything. You lost your ring?!
Me- Yes, I mean no... you took it, give it back!
Q- I didn't take it, lets look together.
Me- I already did!
Q- Come on, let's look.
[looked by coasters in living room- working out place, looked by ceramic dish- washing dishes place, looked by decorative pineapple- shower place* where we found it]
Me- I just looked here, you saw me look here!
Q- No, no I didn't.
Me- Yes you did! Why are you lying?
Q- I'm not lying...
Me- Promise?
Q- Promise.
Me- ...promise on the Bible?
Q- *silence*
Me- I knew you took it, I knew I left it by the coasters!!!! You're so mean.
Q- *smirks*

I love him, but seriously.

(he probably wouldn't be happy I posted this, haha!)


  1. Ahhh thats so mean haha I would have had a nervous breakdown!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) Congrats on getting married! isn't married life great?!

  3. That's nuts! I'd have a nervous breakdown too! Haha. So glad it was just a joke... love your blog, it's super cute! I'm a new follower too!

  4. I would have cried so bad! Silly boys!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you didn't loose your ring. I forget mine all the time when running quick errunds,and it always puts me in a weird funk until I can rush home to grab it! :D

  6. Yeah, that was mean! I lost my ring once, found it the next DAY. Now I only take it off to CLEAN it now - I wear it while showering, working out, washing dishes, washing the car, scrubbing the toilet (LOL) ANYTHING I do, I have my ring on.
    I feel so NAKED without it.


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