Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm experiencing technical difficulties...
[if this posts that will be an improvement]

Thankfully hubby restored my computer to a prior date (sometime in March... good thing I backed up my photos!), so glad he is computer savvy.

I am a creature of habit, I check my e-mail, my blogs, my facebook, research for my new consultant business (excited to share that with you soon), and occasionally surf craigslist for any cool free stuff/part time job. Nothing weird, nothing exciting.

Yet, I... yes me... got a virus! Luckily my scanner caught the stupid hack while it was happening and I disconnected from the internet as fast as a drunk guy getting thrown from a mechanical bull in a country bar.

Sadly the damage was done. I ran two full scans and they both found multiple items laced throughout my system. A trojan had attached itself to my system32 (evidently the whole processing unit for programs on your computer) and ran with it.

I'm just lucky I reacted so quickly and disconnected from the internet so who ever this douche, excuse me, is couldn't steal anything (I pray).

Seriously though... why do there have to be people like that?! Why can't I just go through a daily routine without having to worry that there is some nasty piece of crap lurking in cyberspace just waiting to infiltrate my online/computer life....

I'm so extremely PISSED about this. Ugh.
Whoever you are. GET A LIFE.
Stealing isn't one.

[fyi- I use avast4.8 anti-virus & ad-aware, if anyone wants to install a virus scanner/spam-malware scanner. They caught my virus.]

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