Friday, June 24, 2011

Duty or rather "because of duty..."

So I know most of you have shared your "Murphy's Law" stories while your husbands have been deployed... and while I haven't had to experience that (yet-although I PRAY not) for me, it's always on the 24hr duty shift!

If you remember-
And now-
  • Leaky guest bathroom toilet that has dyed the tile blue!
Pretty awesome, right? First of all... I should have taken "before" pictures of this apartment- can you say DUMP?! I literally scrubbed our personal bathroom, dusted all the floorboards, and swept the entire place before I fell asleep my first night here. The bathroom took 2 full hours! DISGUSTING. We were so frustrated with the way the landlords left the place... but that's a whole different story.

Anyway, back to the guest bathroom, we hadn't used the bathroom and had all the boxes waiting to be donated sitting in it (hey, we were used to sharing a bathroom!). So today I decided I'd had enough. I removed the boxes and started scrubbing away, first I dropped a blue lysol toilet disc in the tank. Once I got to the mopping I noticed a small green ring around the toilet and thought "that's pretty raunchy" and mopped it up. In my final act (almost 2hrs in!) I cleaned the toilet, and flushed... oh man....

My thought is that the last renters didn't notice because obviously they didn't really care about anything seeing the state they left the apartment in (ie: how on earth did anyone live like this?!) and that the normal clear toilet bowl water would run around the edge and then towards the tub. Remember how I'd added the blue tablet though? Hah! Talk about blue water flood!

I mopped it up and called the landlord (praying they call us back... we've already re-sealed the a/c units, replaced 2 missing venitian blinds, and sealed the window screens on our own dime!) describing the problem. My dad was a plumber, so I think it's the wax seal. I however- do not know how to drain a toilet, cannot lift a toilet, and don't have plumbing tools to remove the current seal and scrape away the silicone then replace it with a new one!

This is a picture POST mop, it's still leaking...

Between the neighbors and the money we've put into this apartment... it's turning into the "apartment from hell."



  1. Sigh.... you're right, it's always when they're gone! Hope that place has a silver-lining soon!

  2. It sounds like you've had quite the adventure with this apartment so far! Thankfully I didn't have much of the Murphy's Law curse when my husband deployed, nor when he's been on duty. Oh no, did I just curse myself!?


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