Thursday, June 23, 2011

You asked, I answered!

A few weeks ago I opened up my blog for questions with the "ask box." I was hoping for a few more people to join in, but this is what I got...


Jessica from Me, Him and The Army asked:

1) What's your favorite and least favorite thing about being a milspouse (and not deployment!)? My favorite thing about being a milspouse has been the traveling! In the past 20 months I have lived in two different states and traveled to twelve other states and the District of Columbia! My least favorite thing tends to go along with my favorite- moving... it's hard to leave everyone, your church, and your job. It's time consuming finding "your place" in a new location!

2) Also, how do you go about finding a church when you get to a new duty station? I usually ask the people I know in/recently from the location (if I know any). If I don't know anyone, google maps is my best friend! The church we are going to currently was recommend by friends I made during my internship (they are Hawaiian and were stationed in Hawaii 2yrs before).


Elizabeth from The Young Retiree asked:

1) I'm curious to know how seasoned milspouses find churches, or if I'm doing the same as everyone else. Look above, I'm sure we're all the same!

2) As I prepare for our Navy Homecoming, I guess I would ask if you have any homecoming traditions/fun things you do with your spouse to ease back into him being home? If so, what? I haven't had to go through a deployment/homecoming yet, so honestly I should probably ask all of you this! When we were apart for 10mo (stationed across the country/training/I was busy with college) I picked him up from the airport alone... no pictures, no signs, not even a special outfit... just me jumping into his arms and being excited to see him.

3) Also, how do you go through the change of having someone back home? When we were separated recently for his 1.5mo of training I lived at home to give our HHGs time to get from MD to HI so getting back together didn't involve our own home/space. We stayed at my parents for a week, in California for a week, then with friends for 2wks before finally PCSing. It was definitely interesting once it was just the two of us again here in Hawaii... even then we lived in a hotel room for two months and just recently moved into this apartment! It's more of a process of making it a home together once again.


Allie from My Marine and Me asked:

1) What is the craziest dream you ever had? While sleeping? Or something I want to do? This is hard... but since I don't normally remember my dreams much longer than making it to the bathroom after I wake up, I'll go with the second part! Besides my dream vacation which you'll read about in 30sec, I always had that dream to become an actress or singer. Which is absolutely crazy because my acting and singing doesn't go anywhere past church and summer camps.

2) Dream vacation? (budget-less!) Funny enough I answered this for your guest blog segment while you were gone on your vacation!

3) If you had to turn into an exotic animal for the day, what would you become? I have always loved Siberian tigers but I'm not sure I'd enjoy killing another animal and eating raw meat... so I think for one day I'd like to be a Rainbow Lorikeet (tropical bird from Australia)! I'd love to soar through the rain forest and near the ocean... it would be so much fun to be able to fly without the need of a plane.

[Picture I took in Sydney, AU while studying abroad in 2007]

4) What is the best thing about being a military spouse? ... besides your spouse of course! I did answer this above but I should mention that (most) milspouses/girlfriends that I've met are amazingly strong women and I'm glad to have these kind of people in my life!


Ladies, thanks for playing along!
If anyone has more questions,
I'll still answer for you.

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  1. Pretty good questions... pretty awesome answers! I thought he had been gone on deployment... Some ladies came on over to my blog and left some comments for me to help with homecoming- thanks for sharing and talking about your crazy PCS!!


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