Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 fails 1 smile

My linky party was kind of an "epic failure" this week... I had zero, zip, zilch people participate in "Monday: Pick-Me-Up" Maybe next week? *hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

B and I loaded up her little ones and headed for North Shore... we didn't take into account that the President's limo ride to the Air Force Base would close down the ENTIRE freeway. So we meandered through side-streets and neighborhoods until we got to where the freeway was open, that only took like an hour. We finally arrived at the Reef Hawaiian Pro Surf Competition only to see this:

"No Contest Today! Check Back Tomorrow after 7:00am"

We decided to hang out for the day since we planned to anyway. We had our beach gear, ice chest full of goodies and lunch, and two little boys loving the sand. I managed to convince her older son (3yrs) to let me take him out in the waves (since he normally only goes with daddy)... he had a blast, as did I until I realized I had sliced my toe open on the reef... oops. I still played in the sand & walked around town shopping for 2.5hrs afterwards on it. Let me tell you- soap, q-tips (to get the sand out), and hydrogen peroxide were my lover/hater that evening! Here it is after getting most of the junk out of it...

Not the greatest photo... plus it doesn't look too bad since it's not bleeding or full of sand!

It's now bandaged up and I feel so awkward wearing socks/shoes around town! Despite some "epic fails," I'm still having a pretty great week...

How about you?


  1. YUCK-A-DOODLE-DO! I was totally going to and have no idea why I didn't! Oh my goodness- I am making a note in my phone right now because I was really looking forward to it... I haven't even been on reader to see the link!

  2. I was going to do the Link Up too! I fear that work was pretty all consuming on Monday, so by the time I made it home I forgot. Count me in next week though!

  3. Sorry you didn't have more link-ups! I'll try to get in on this, but I host a Monday link-up too! :)


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