Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Open Doors

My house smells like someone dumped a gallon of lysol combined with pinesol into our air-conditioning unit... oh wait someone just did. Something similar anyway, I have such a headache! I opened the back door and front door using the ocean breeze to "air-out" the house. It's helping, but man... whatever the maintenance guy used was POTENT.

I know that getting a hold of maintenance, especially with military housing can be a pain... but I do my best not to complain. Back in Maryland one of our hot water pipes cracked and leaked all over the kitchen. The next day they came out and fixed the problem (they did light part of the house on fire, but you can read about that here). We also had our air-conditioning unit break, within 2 days they had a new unit delivered and installed. Here they just completed preventative A/C maintenace, which is great since they tested the unit, cleaned it, and replaced the filter.

I cannot imagine the cost of all of those repairs had we owned the home. Plumbing and HVAC are two of the most expensive repairs homeowners can experience! While having our "own home" sounds nice, right now I am perfectly fine with renting and not pouring thousands of dollars into someplace we're only going to be in for 2-4yrs.

Back to having the doors open, I'm loving the "wintry" weather we've been having. Breezy, rainy, and in the low 70s in the day... then down to the low 60s at night with the cool tradewinds. I am really sad I haven't found any lights for our lanai, last night would have been perfect for sipping cocoa in a light hoodie. I did get our bamboo windchime put up, I love the calming noise it makes. Along with finding the perfect lights I am planning on getting a mini-bamboo fountain. I foresee many deployment "projects" ahead!


  1. As a SoCal native ... I miss Paradise's version of winter. I don't mind not having snow if it means I can see palm trees wrapped with christmas lights.

    PS: I feel you on not complaining TOO loudly about repairs on HVAC. Hell, I try not to bitch/whine/complain about any of the repairs I don't have to do myself on the townhouse we rent, but you know? It'd be nice if our windows were double paned ... because we get drafts like it's cool (no pun intended). And the 70s style kitchen? It functions ... but it's not pretty to look at.


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