Friday, November 25, 2011


My dad is a retired firefighter, so I am used to celebrating holiday's a day or two before or after the actual holiday/birthday. So, I know the actual day isn't as important as the people you spend your time with...

However squeezing two HUGE holiday's together into one weekend is kind of overwhelming... Yesterday was Thanksgiving, tonight is our "Christmas Eve" and tomorrow is our "Christmas." I set up a very small table, nothing like my normal Christmas decor (two huge rubbermaid totes full of items):

I am hoping we can catch one of the local tree lighting ceremonies or holiday craft shows before my hubby leaves. I know it's been a long-time coming, but all of a sudden this deployment seems to have snuck-up on me!


  1. Lucky for you, no one seems to wait before moving right on to christmas from thanksgiving anymore! Hope you enjoy some wonderful holiday time together :)

  2. Aw- my dad is a fire chief. :) I don't remember those Christmases so much because I was younger, but I know we had them early or late if he was on a 24 hour shift. :)


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