Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday: Pick-Me-Up

I'm at the "wishing time would slow down" part of this pre-deployment. I am definitely trying to enjoy life each day no matter what it or the marine corps throws at us! Food poisoning? We can still go sit on the beach. 18.5hr work-days? We can still cuddle on the couch watching a movie until we fall asleep. They aren't ideal situations to have occur in the last few weeks together... but... what can you do?!

*Also, I have a question for you! Would you be willing to participate in a "Monday: Pick-Me-Up" Linky Party? I'd make a fun button and you could link-up on this post every Monday. I know that in general Monday's are the least favorite day of the week so if we all flooded our blogs with a "pick-me-up" wouldn't that be fun? Let me know by commenting or participating in the poll at the top of the right column. Thanks!


  1. I love that quote and yes, I would participate in Monday pick ups!

  2. Skinnie-
    I'd love to participate in the Monday pick up!

  3. Love that quote! I am glad you are trying to enjoy your time even though it is limited! I would link up for pick me up Mondays :)


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