Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Pick-Me-Up

I have lots to be excited about on this Monday morning...
  1. My husband is home from the field  (although he is working... don't get me started on the fact we aren't getting pre-deployment leave... *sigh*)
  2. Thanksgiving is on Thursday (although I'm praying this week is really slow)!
  3. My hair color...
Technically it was suppose to be "auburn cherry" I think my hair only got the "cherry" memo... but it's unique and I like it! Plus, it'll wash out in 28 or so shampoo's I'm WAY too indecisive and lazy for permanent hair-dye upkeep!

So, how are you beating the Monday blues?


  1. Oh, the color definitely works for you! LOVE it!

    A boo and a hiss though for no pre-dep leave!

  2. I think that color works for you. =) We didn't get pre-deployment leave either. =/ In our case, we were SOL because we moved here 2 months prior to the deployment date. Nevermind that he was new to the unit and had no training with them. That wasn't important. Sigh. Gotta love the military.

  3. Very nice! It looks like the copper mohagony brown I used a month or two ago. Man I miss it...

  4. I never thought I'd see the day you colored your hair- I love it!!!!! Miss you!

  5. I love that color too! Ever since I found "chocolate cherry" thats the only color I dye my hair. usually about twice a year


I love hearing from you all! =)