Thursday, November 10, 2011

236th Marine Corps Ball

#1 Happy Birthday Marines!
#2 Thank you to everyone (of all branches) 
who have served, are serving, or will.

The ball this year was a bit of a let-down... here are my reasons for saying that:
  • I know we live in Hawaii... but tickets should not be that expensive and not include an open bar during "cocktail hour." Why even have a cocktail hour? This is the first ball I've attended (4th) that hasn't had an open bar for at least the cocktail hour.
  • I don't know if we have an abundance of really young marines or jaded marines or what... but they were super disrespectful during the beginning and end of the ceremony. It took them halfway through the opening speech about the missing man table to quiet down at the beginning, then during the video from the commandant of the corps people were chatting, getting up for drinks, and leaving the ballroom! Seriously? I mean, really now?
  • We were right in the middle of the APEC conference so getting to the venue was a bit of a chore (many closed streets and high security areas)
  • I got to hang out with my {new} closest friend B
  • I saw some of the ladies from my church
  • I enjoyed spending time with my hubby (I sure am going to miss that man)
  • We gasped/gawked/laughed at some wardrobe decisions (we had 3 wedding gowns, at least 4 women who could barely move without risking everyone seeing their hoo-hah, a larger women in a skin-tight sequined dress with an afro wearing white gloves and 5in stripper heels, and many more...)
  • The dinner was delicious and our dessert was a pineapple & lilikoi (passion fruit) ice cream cake!
  • The dance floor was super fun (it's always nice when people actually dance)
  • We woke up and got to walk along the ocean! 
  • I felt like a princess with the knight in shiny armour dress blues to match.
I would LOVE to show you a picture of me and my handsome hubby... but some details and me (+my friend)  are all you're going to get...

This is my 2nd time wearing a "short" dress... I deem knee and below as appropriate. Plus, If you can believe it both of our dresses and shoes only cost $135 together! Bargain shoppers! We painted our own nails and I did both of our hair. Talk about "cheap" dates. **also- I have no idea what I am doing with my hand, haha!**

I hope you are all having an amazing Veteran's Day Weekend!
Take some time to remember those we've lost.

PS: I'm linking up with Semper Wifey for her USMC Birthday Bash!

Semper Wifey


  1. Cute dress!!! You look awesome and although it sounds like a bit of let-down, I am glad you were able to enjoy the evening!

  2. I'm sorry the ball wasn't so great this year. At least you looked great! :) Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Not so great, and I am STILL super jealous! :P you looked wonderful, so I'm glad there was still at least some dancing and beach walking :)

  4. You both look awesome :o) How great to get both "looks" at great deals :o) Always fun to get with a friend to share in getting ready. Too bad some of the night had some "let-down"moments, but great that you did have some great moments and times too.

    My hubby's family are all from Hawaii. And we were stationed there when he flew blackhawks for the Army, right after his flight school...years ago :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am stopping by through Semper Wifey's Marine Birthday Bash. I couldnt remember which past post I shared about my gown I sewed for his grad ball, but I did link up with a past post Purple Pirates, so if you take a look at the end of the video clip, you can see my gown :o)

  5. You both look beautiful - lol about the dress choices, I'm pretty casual but at least know to cover it up at professional functions!

  6. You look so cute! I LOVE that shade of blue on you!


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