Monday, September 6, 2010

4 more yrs aka: Re-enlistment

To add to our recently insane lives, hubs had has his Reenlistment Ceremony last week... we like to shake it up right and keep ourselves on edge, kidding *sigh*. Anyway...

So not only did my husband have his marine buddies there , all the "higher-ups" of the command attended his reenlistment as well! They even recognized me... me, of all people.

I had a GySGT, Msgt, MGySgt, SgtMaj, and a Capt all come up to me individually, introduce themselves, shake my hand, and thank me for supporting my husband through everything and basically sacrificing any "normalcy" others have in marriage.

The one story that struck was from the MGySgt, he said it wasn't until he achieved GySgt that he realized how much he had put his wife on the back-burner in their relationship for his career. They had to sit down and have a serious talk and it was in that moment he realized what a sacrifice she had made for him.

During the ceremony the command completely surprised me by calling me up in front of the entire group of marines and announced me by reading the following:

"The United States Marine Corps would like to recognized Mrs. [enter my name here], on the occasion of the reenlistment of your husband. Your unfailing support and understanding helped make possible your husband's decision to make the Marine Corps his career. You have earned the Corps' grateful appreciation for your unselfish, faithful, and devoted service."

Question- is this normal? Or is it just something our current command does?

I thought it was really neat, despite my surprise and totally not knowing where I was supposed to stand, thus throwing the whole presentation off for 15 (very uneasy) seconds until the Capt motioned I was to stand directly in front of him... I had absolutely no idea I was going to be called up!


  1. That must have been such a sweet surprise. Congrats on the re enlistment.

    I know that when one of my Petty Officer's re enlisted, they called up his wife as well. She was just as surprised as you were. I think it all depends on the command.

  2. That's great! I always tear up when someone thanks me for my sacrifice.

  3. deserve it!

    My husband just reenlisted too and I got something similar to that: "Certificate of Appreciation". I was shocked in getting that...I felt "special" that they acknowledged my presence and my devotion.

  4. That is really awesome! It definitely feels good when you know your husband's command shows they care about the spouses as well!

  5. Awww such a sweet and well deserved recognition! Made me tear up reading your story! :)

  6. Congrats on the reenlistment! And what a thoughtful thing they did to recognize you!!

  7. That's awesome that they did that for you!!


  8. I just saw your blog. It's actually quite common, because according to my husband's LTCOL, "If the wife isn't happy you're here, then you won't be happy here" Here means the Marine Corps. When my husband found out his reenlistment package went though, he told me I'd be a part of the ceremony, because we do have the toughest job in the military.


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