Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little trip to chocolate land...

So hubs and I ran away to a land of deliciousness... not even kidding... once we drove into Hershey, PA we could literally SMELL chocolate!

Things we learned:
  • Do not go to the theme park the last weekend it's open
  • Do not go on the same day as a Nickelback concert
  • Do get there early! (we had a few set-backs and didn't actually get to the park until 2pm)
  • Waiting in long lines means great opportunities for people watching- if you've seen Date Night, how they make up stories for couples- we totally did that all day long!
  • Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate with blueberries, almonds, and cranberries= Uh-Freaking-AMAZING.
Now for some visuals:

Like walking into {chocolate} heaven.
Awesome vintage-esque signs.


  1. LOVE Hershey! I haven't been to the theme park in years but I went to a concert near by and the whole town smells like chocolate. Amazing.

  2. you're in my home town!!! guuuh you just made me so homesick. my family (all the cousins and everything) would go there twice a year together... the younger ones still do!

  3. Great pictures! That dark chocolate that you mentioned sounds amazing!

  4. Looks like a fun trip! My boyfriend and I used to make up stories for couples too!


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