Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday: Pick-Me-Up

On September 11th, we took my sister into DC since she only had the weekend in town... There was a lot going on: A food & art festival, a worship service in the amphitheater near the Washington Monument, and a tea party rally on the lawn. It was a beautiful sunny day and all the flags were flown at half-mast around the city- even at the other countries embassy's.

We got to the Vietnam Memorial and this note about made me lose it...
It was so beautiful!

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  1. Yay DC!
    So, I hope you had a fun time and I hope that in the NEAR FUTURE we get to meet. I don't know what I did with that email you sent me (perhaps I read it in my sleep) but let's get together!!


  2. I love the National Mall. I will go there just to sit and read and hang out for hours. The Vietnam Memorial always makes me a little teary too!

    Last year (or two years ago) I was there at night once and I saw some kids in prom attire, limo waiting, stopped there and laying flowers down before going to prom. Not gonna lie, I totally cried. It was so sweet.

  3. What a moving letter! Visiting the Vietnam Memorial is always a must-see when I go to D.C.


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