Thursday, September 23, 2010


Random thoughts:
  • In 3ish months I will no longer live here.
  • I need to start down-sizing (aka: send winter clothes home and make a goodwill box)
  • My parents are coming to visit soon! Once they found out we were PCSing they figured they couldn't wait any longer to visit- only my dad has seen this house, and even then it was empty. Just a futon for him and a mattress for us! Haha.
  • I love decorating for the holiday's, but it looks like Halloween will be the only one I get to decorate for this year... maybe Thanksgiving, depending on TMO. =/ I feel like my Christmas will resemble this (minus the kid):Only worse... there won't be any boxes because TMO will have taken everything already!
  • I kind of feel like I'm in a time freeze- so much to do, don't know where/how to start, can't even get on the housing wait-list yet, and on and on...
  • I want to bake, I want to participate in the fall favorites swap (at least I have until Tuesday to decide on that one!), I want to paint or make a mosaic... work is stealing all my time, being sick hasn't helped either.
On that note...

I must be getting better, although this afternoon I wouldn't have thought that was the case. Work let out early today, once home, I got my piglet out to let him have some "floor time" and in the process of him running around I drifted off to sleep laying on the carpet, Mr. Beans woke me up when he started licking my hands... at that point I took a quick shower and crawled into bed. 3.5hrs later I woke up to a husband and dinner.

I still have a cough and runny nose, but I am not exhausted anymore. It's midnight here though, so I am going to go lay down and read. I don't want to push this sickness thing, we had a fun weekend planned-we'll see how we both feel tomorrow though!


  1. I am doing the fall favorites swap!

    I LOVE that cartoon! That is hysterical, and absolutely perfect.

  2. I hope you both feel better and enjoy the weekend.

  3. I hear ya on the PCS-ing thing. We're too far out to start doing much of anything but I feel like I should be preparing. I think it's just the part of me that wants to head off the crazy that I KNOW is coming.

    I hope you feel better and that you can enjoy your fun weekend fully!

  4. im so jealous!! i really need to get me some TOMS!

  5. TAG, you're it! Check out my blog :)

  6. We've done that twice now - PCS'ed around the holiday season, and been in a new place with none of our stuff and no way to decorate a tree (tree, what tree?) I feel your pain. Hang in there!


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