Friday, September 17, 2010

Changing it up!

I don't know about you, but I like to change things up- I'm talking decorating here. I love love love decorating for holidays! However there is one thing I wish I could change more often... my bedroom. I have a modern bedding set right now, but I think it would be cool to be able to change my bedding to match the seasons! (lack of money...)

This one for fall would be nice.

Or this one for spring!

Do any of you have multiple sets of bedding for your room? Do you have any ideas for me? Our bedroom furniture is all Ikea black-brown.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!! =)


  1. We have a black/brown Ikea bedroom furniture set too! And what I do for season changes is change the sheet colors. Still coordinating with the bedspread, but fitting more to the season. Our bedspread is gold, teal, brown, and black. So in the summer I had teal sheets (fun and light!), for this fall I have gold on right now! For the winter I will pull out my paisley printed brown/black sheets. In the spring I have a lighter teal with white paisley printed on it.


    Also, you can change the flowers in your room. (or if you dont have any yet, start that now!) Have a flower arrangement that coordinates with your bedroom but sticks with whatever flowers are in season then. So for fall, I have sunflowers!

    Oh and, I dont fully "make my bed", I leave the bedspread half turned down and the sheets turned down over it. That way my "seasonal" sheets actually show(and I am lazy haha)

  2. what I have done is change the comforter/duvet/quilt. Basically in the summer/spring its a light comforter and in the winter its a down one, and the obviously don't look anything like one another.
    I have kept my bedroom colors very simple and neutral so that I can be able to match things.
    The sheet colors stay the same throughout the seasons...I know LAME.

  3. Our bedroom furniture is the IKEA Malm series in a medium-dark brown. I have a comforter that is very very similar to the ones in the pictures. It's a white duvet cover with ice blue and silver tree pattern with some embroidered brown leaves. I love it! I also got some wall decals from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that are brown twig/tree motif with blue birds that I put up behind the bed.

    I'm way too matchy matchy and the towels in our bathroom match the cool blue throw pillows in the bedroom lol. I just decorated to create a "soothing" environment.

    I'd say get some silk flowers and change them up every season. Or you could even do neutral colored bedding and then do drapes or throw pillows that you can switch every season as well.

  4. my bathroom matches my bedroom too! and i actually have a separate set of towels that we actually use, and the ones in the bathroom stay hanging clean and nice looking! that's drastic, i know haha

  5. I love decorating, I just don't have the money for it (we don't even have regular bedsheets yet) but I love the idea!


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