Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve in DC: Part #1 ICE!

Since DC is a close enough drive from where we are, we thought it would be fun to hang out down there after church service on Christmas Eve. There was a lot more traffic getting into the city than we thought there would be, but it was a fun-filled evening.

We decided to once again buy tickets for ICE! this year... they are VERY sold out and the prices went up from last year (not really surprising considering what an instant hit the event became) so needless to say we were VERY grateful for military discount.

I saw many small children (I'm talking infant-5yr olds here), my husband and I agreed that if we actually lived in the area, we probably wouldn't take the kids until they were old enough to remember. Kind of like our views on Disneyland... too much money for a memory they won't have. Who knows, maybe your view on that changes once you actually have children?

Here are a few shots from the event:

If you are in the area and can get tickets, I once again would recommend you go. It is quite a sight to see!


  1. My mother in law keeps saying that she's taking her grandkids (both are almost 2, only 2 weeks apart) when they are 5 to Disney World.

    Having just spent my honeymoon there, I can honestly say that I wish she would wait to take them until they're 10. I had such GREAT memories of Disney when I was that age ... and I really don't remember anything earlier than the age of 7.

    Seriously. We picked Disney as our honeymoon destination because of the memories we both made as children; I was 10 when I went and he was 12.

    So, I absolutely agree with you: sometimes, it's best to wait to take kiddos to places like that. But what the heck do I know; I don't have children of my own: just opinions.

  2. We went last week, that place was so cool! No pun intended...

    It is literally down the road from us so I left work early and I am glad we did. That place got packed fast as the evening went on! Did you go on the ice slide??


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