Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crazy Weekend

So in my last post I talked about my attempt at driving in snow... and how my husband was probably going to be irritated about taking me to get groceries...

When he got home he was completely soaked.

I knew he was doing a CFT, but I didn't know it would be for 3.5hrs outside in the 16* snowy weather...

Either did he.
It wasn't suppose to take that long.
Evidently their hands were freezing up doing the ammo lifts.
The cold air made their lungs burn while running.
Any spit/snot (sorry) was icing up.

He took a hot shower while I made a complete list of items we needed until Christmas... we decided to trek to the Wal*Mart supercenter instead of on base (there had been 2 accidents near the closest gate to our house) so we could get everything... groceries, guinea pig supplies, etc.

What I didn't know... after his shower he put on 4 layers of clothing, 4! Yes, it was freezing outside, but you have to understand-my husband is a heater. I wrap myself up in fleece blankets +the sheet/comforter, and cuddle up to him in order to sleep at night. He's lucky if he uses the comforter!

Post Wal*Mart trip & dinner, I notice he was still wearing all of his clothes and shivering... he also looked completely exhausted. He went up to bed at 8pm and I called my dad (who is an EMT). After telling him symptoms we figured out he had mild hypothermia.

I ended up waking him up EVERY hour that night to check his heart rate, his breathing, and his temperature. Needless to say, I didn't sleep. At 6am, I had enough... his breathing/heart rate were fine but his temperature was still 95.7* I sent him to medical... they told us the same thing:"He has mild hypothermia, this weekend he is NOT to go outside. Keep him warm, feed him soups and hot beverages but stay away from caffeine it slows the bodies ability to heat itself."

The exact same things my dad told me.

So this weekend was "simple."
If we did go anywhere, I started the car and warmed it up before he even ventured outside. We got to hang out with a friend visiting his wife after being stationed in Japan for 2mo. Then we enjoyed a movie night with another couple of friends, Finally, we went to church... so... he was only outside to get in/out of cars, and I've NEVER seen my husband wear this many layers of clothing or be so cold before.

I'm so glad he's doing better now...
Praise the Lord.


  1. Yikes! I am glad he is feeling better!

  2. Oh goodness!!
    I am happy to hear he is doing better :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your hubby (and you) had to go through this. Thank goodness he is feeling better!


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