Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sugar overload? & I'm home!

I'm sure you are all experiencing a sugar overload from my 9 Days of Christmas Cookies, but anyways...

Just wanted to say that I'm back from sunny, warm AZ (I'm not cool enough for guest bloggers, or maybe I just didn't plan ahead enough, so the cookies were what you got!)... and as beautiful as the white stuff falling outside my window is... I HATE DRIVING IN SNOW. My little manual sports car does as well, I had all my Christmas shopping planned out for the day. Half way through I called it quits and prayed the entire way back to my house. I made it (obviously) but not without fish tailing 6 times, and a ridiculous curb bump on the OPPOSITE side of the road turning into my neighborhood (fyi: I was turning right, SO glad there weren't any cars going the other way).

I didn't get to the commissary... we were gone for 9 days... we have no food. My husband is not going to be happy when he gets home since he's going to have to drive me there in his truck =(

This is what I left:

{not edited!}

This is what I came home to:


  1. I know the feeling! I would have totally guest blogged for you if I had the chance! Glad you made it home safe!

  2. Welcome back! What a beautiful picture in AZ! A-maz-ing!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE snow, but only in a truck with 4WD:)


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